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  • Maintenance: How does EUP work?
    Answer: Every license receives an EUP date while being created. This date expires after two years from the time of delivery. The versions of the corresponding ...
  • General: How do I keep my software up to date?
    Answer: iba software products are continuously improved and expanded. You can download new versions as a registered user in the download area of our homepage. For information ...
  • Maintenance: How can I update installed software after the EUP date has expired?
    Answer: The EUP date can be extended by purchasing a corresponding extension. Each EUP extension adds one year to the previous EUP date. Extensions are also ...
  • Maintenance: What is EUP?
    Answer: There is no expiration date or annual fee for iba AG software licenses. Once purchased licenses can be used without restrictions. To further benefit from ...

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