What information is required for fast & efficient Support?

In order to have the Technical Support answer a service request precisely and quickly, a description as precise as possible of the unclear issue is necessary. Below is a list of the information required by the Technical Support to respond to queries about iba products.

What should be included when asking for support:

  • Give a detailed problem description.
  • Give the answers to the following questions:
    • Is it a new setup or was the system running without problems before?
    •  Which software version was used when the system was running without problems?
    • What was changed before the problem occurred?
    • Did you update the software version?
    •  Did you move the system to a new PC platform?
    •  Did you update the Windows operating system?
    •  Did you extend the system by adding new hardware or new interfaces?
    •  Did you do changes in the configuration of the system?
  • Tell us what measures you have taken so far and the results.
  • Attach a support file, screenshots describing the problem and in case the problem is related to a PLC system the PLC project.  
  • Tell us at what point of time the problem occurred.


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