How to create a Support File?

ibaPDA – Creating the support file
ibaHD-Server – Creating the support file
ibaCapture – Create the support file


ibaPDA - Support File

The support file for ibaPDA is generated via the ibaPDA client.

The support file contains:
Diagnostic data from the server component and server PC:
Diagnostic data from the client component and client PC: 
Diagnostic data from the HD server component and HD server PC:

If the client is not connected to the server (e.g. server crash) the support file contains only the client part. Reconnect the server and generate the support file again. is only generated when the client is connected to an HD server.




ibaHD-Server – Support File

The support file for ibaHD-Server is generated via the tray icon.


Or ibaHD Manager (v2.0.0 or higher).


The support file option to include:
Windows event log data: Application.evtx and System.evtx
Diagnostic HD Store data: Diagnostic Data for each enabled HD Store.




ibaCapture – Support File

Start the support tool from the start menu.


Or in ibaCapture Manager, open the “Info” dialog and click “Save information for iba support…” 


The support file contains:
Log-files for the installed components
Excerpts from Windows-Eventlog
System information (hard- and software)

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