How do I keep my ibaCapture software up to date?

Changed conditions for updating new software products

With the introduction of the new ibaCapture version V4 the conditions for updating software free of charge have changed.
On delivery or activation of a new ibaCapture V4 base license the time span for free-of-charge updates is set to two years and stored on the licensing dongle as "End Date".
You may update ibaCapture V4 at any time with all versions issued with a generation date that lies within this update period, i.e. do not have a creation date later than the corresponding "End Date" on the dongle.

In order to be able to install newer software versions after these two years have run out a license for extending the upgrade period has to be purchased.

This license extension "EUP - Extended Update Periode" depends on the installed base license and extends the upgrade period for one more year. The new update period is reflected on the license dongle by applying a dongle upgrade that sets a new "End Date".
The EUP license may be purchased n times for n years in advance; it's also possible to buy it retroactively. 

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