How can I find my Dongle-Number and license information?

The dongle number and all other license information of the inserted dongle can be displayed via the ibaDongleViewer. The ibaDongleViewer displays all licenses of the dongle across all products.

Furthermore, the iba software products also offer a display of license information. Only the licenses relevant for the respective software product are displayed here.


License information by means of ibaDongle Viewer

More recent versions of iba software installation programs always allow the installation of ibaDongleViewer. It is specially displayed in the start menu. After starting ibaDongleViewer all information stored on the active dongle is shown.


Lizenzinformation in ibaPDA

IbaPDA lincence information can be displayed either by means of ibaPDA Server Status or directly in the IO-Manager.

1. ibaPDA Server Status: Activation via start menu (iba>ibaPDA>Server Status) or the icon in the tray (right mouse click>Status).:

2. IO-Manager: IO-Manager: Activation via ibaPDA Client (Configuration>IO Manager>Hardware>General).



License information in ibaHD-Server

IbaHD-Server license information can be displayed by means of the HD Manager.
Activation via start menu (iba>ibaHD Server>ibaHD Manager) or the icon in the tray (right mouse click>Open).:

License information in ibaCapture

IbaCapture license information can be displayed in the CC-Server.
Activation via server configuration (select server)>Service>License info.


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