How does EUP work?

Every license receives an EUP date while being created. This date expires after two years from the time of delivery. The versions of the corresponding software contain a required EUP date. During the installation of software updates, the EUP date of the license is cross-checked against the required EUP date of the version to be installed.

In case the EUP date of the dongle is before the required EUP date, you will receive a warning and the installation will be aborted. You can still install updates after the EUP date of a dongle has expired, provided that the required EUP date of the software version is before the EUP date of the dongle. The required EUP date of a software version corresponds to the release date of the main version.

A main version is defined by the second digit of the version number. Bugfix versions for a main version (defined by the third digit of the version number) always have the same required EUP date as the corresponding main version. When the EUP date of your dongle covers a main version, you can use all bugfix versions for this main version.

Details concerning the EUP dates can be viewed in the license information at any time. This information is also displayed during the installation of the corresponding products.

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