What is EUP?

There is no expiration date or annual fee for iba AG software licenses. Once purchased licenses can be used without restrictions. To further benefit from the continuous development and new functions of the software products, iba AG introduced the EUP model (extended update period). You can install updates up to two years after purchasing the software free of charge. To install updates after the expiration of EUP, it is possible to purchase one-year extensions. This way, you will be able to use all new functions of iba software products.

For most iba software products updates can be installed for two years after purchase. This limitation is enforced by introducing the EUP concept (Extended Update Period). To benefit from continuous development, new functions and full support after the initial two years, the EUP date has to be extended.

Your existing licenses remain valid at any time and can be used without functional restrictions. There is no expiration date for the license.

For more information about extending an EUP please contact your local iba dealer.

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